Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Adventures in Goal-Making

i've made one resolution for 2013, and that is to avoid resolutions at all costs. the stereotypical new years resolutions that is. i'm sure i'll resolve something or another during the year, but as i never ever EVER keep them, i figured it would be best not to make them. however, i've got many goals for the year, and i thought (though i'm not sure why you'd be interested) i would share :)

  • 365 projects: a different series of things that i want to do every day, and i've got a few.
    • positive affirmations
    • devotional and journaling
    • 6 o clock club (waking up every morning at 6 am)
  • work out and eat healthier
    • cut out fast food
    • recumbent bike and weights
    • stretching daily
  • directorship and earn the use of my free mary kay car
  • get my bachelors degree!!
  • be more joyful and less snarky
  • decorate and declutter my home
  • spend more time sewing!!
    • learn the proper techniques instead of winging it
    • build wardrobe basics
  • use the family binder that i created last summer
    • including the use of meal planning and budgeting
  • wear more leopard print
  • read at least 52 NEW books this year
  • blog a minimum of 3 times weekly
  • visit ikea (woohoo!)
  • do at least one sew weekly challenge a month
i know that list is pretty extensive, but i'm excited to cross off bits of it here and there throughout the year :)

it's going to be great, i can feel it!


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