Wednesday, October 10, 2012

La Vie en Rose

i am a dreamer. always have been. growing up, my little sister and i were always living in worlds outside of our own, from living among runaway slaves on the underground railroad to creeping around the jungle hiding from dinosaurs. and i'm about to let you in on a little secret: i still exist in alternate realities. in a different sort of way. rather than playing pretend, i create the realities that i choose to live. it's all about the experience for me. rather than just getting dressed for an evening out, i carefully choose my outfit according to my  mood. down from the gorgeous lingerie to the tiniest details of my accessories. i dress for whatever exotic time or place i feel like being part of. but it doesn't stop there. i put on gorgeous music, sip a yummy cocktail, and take time to luxuriate in my daydream of my choice.  the point is that i create an atmosphere for myself and change what would normally be a mundane, ordinary moment into something extraordinarily beautiful. it's my favorite kind of moment.

so please excuse me while i go watch "Some Like It Hot" in my vintage dressing gown with a Tom Collins and fresh strawberries. after all, any moment that can be made into sheer glamour should be :)

xo janaya

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