Tuesday, September 11, 2012

a little about me

well hello there. i see you have stopped by to check out my very first blog post EVER. yay! (whether i forced you to read because you are someone already in my life is irrelevant...) i figured that i'd take the first post to explain a teensy bit about myself and what i hope to achieve here. ok. so here i go.

me. on my wedding day. beauty of the moment: brushing my teeth without ruining my lipstick.
me. on my wedding day. beauty of the moment: brushing my teeth without ruining my lipstick.
i am a twenty-one year old self proclaimed lover of all things beautiful, including, but certainly not limited to: vintage everything, diying, books, my husband, whimsy, baby anything, rainstorms and shoes. oh, and snow. i love snow. i cry more tears than most girls i know, but the majority of them are because the sheer beauty of a moment blows me away. if you haven't cried those tears my friend, you have yet to live. i find that i tend to dabble in lots of different things, always searching for a new way to find beauty. finally, after doing this for, oh, i don't know, my entire life (why yes, i DO think the harry potter books and my years spent obsessing over them count as beauty), i came to the decision to enter my musings into the blogosphere. i refuse to lie, i am quite nervous. i hate the thought of starting this simply to abandon it later. but finally after much deliberation i've gone and done it. there! no going back now :)

ftb is going to consist of anything that i can find beauty in. some days it might be nothing but pictures. other days it might be stories. anything from fashion to home design to random acts of kindness will be fair game. i definitely want your input too. ideas, questions, comments, critiques...it's all welcome. if that sounds too willy nilly to you then this might not be your favorite place, but don't worry, i'm not offended.

well that's it for the moment. this has been a super long post as it is. until next time.

xo janaya

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